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Creative Writing Contests

Here is a list of our current contests for creative writers. The list includes contests for songwriters, poets and fiction writers. We have several new contest coming up including one for romance writers and another for Science Fiction Writers. Stay tuned for details regarding those contests.


Novella Contest for Romance Writers

Contest for Songwriters

Contest for Poets

Contest for Fiction Writers

Another Contest for Songwriters

Short Story Contest for Romance Writers

Poetry Contest for Romance Writers




Include Your Thoughts In Our Upcoming Book!

Another Stony Meadow Publishing's release (scheduled for the third quarter of 2010) will be The Songwriter's Companion: 1001 Song Ideas (A Collection of Ideas and Inspiration for Songwriters.).

We have decided to include song ideas from actual songwriters for this book.

 Here's what we need:  We need you to send us an idea about something to write a song about. (Following is a couple of samples from the book so you'll know what we're after. Your entry should follow the format in these examples.)

WRITE A SONG ABOUT... A Walk In The Park

"Writing a song or poem about this subject should be as easy as... well, a walk in the park. Right? But why settle for plain old vanilla? Maybe it's 3 a.m. And just why are you in the park at that hour of the morning? Or maybe you don't even remember how you got here. And the shadows are certainly sinister, aren't they?"

WRITE A SONG ABOUT... Watching A Centipede

"You're watching a centipede crawl along the top of a fence rail. Where is it going? In fact, what the heck do centipedes do all day long? Do they spend their life crawling along fences simply for our amusement? And how the heck do they manage to keep all of those feet moving? And do male centipedes curl up and die when they get the bill for their wive's shoes?"

WRITE A SONG ABOUT... A Turkey and Provolone Sandwich

"Boring? I don't think so. What if you bite into the sandwich and find a note? Is someone admiring you? Threatening you? Or maybe the turkey was bad and now you're sick as a dog and never want to see food again. Or what if you started to take a bite and the sandwich actually spoke to you. Crazy? Maybe not. That anchovy pizza I had last night is still talking to me!"

It's that simple!

Keep your submissions between 60-75 words (more or less) not including the "Write A Song About... line. We reserve the right to edit submissions exceeding the stated maximum length. Also let us know if you want us to include your name in the book (or include it as an anonymous listing). Use first and last name, first name only, first initial and last name or whatever is your preference and your city and town. You can also include a website address.

The book is being written as we “speak” and should be available during the third quarter of 2010, so don't delay. Send your submissions as soon as possible. (Send your comments by e-mail to

DEADLINE: June 1st, 2010

PRIZES: Top three submissions will receive $25 each and a signed copies of the book.


Current Contest Deadlines

Robotic Romance: A Contest for Romance Writers 07/01/2010
Songwriter's Inspirational Blurbs (Inspiration for Songwriters) 03/01/2010
Poet's Inspirational Blurbs (The Poet's Journal) 03/01/2010
Fiction Writer's Inspirational Blurbs (The Fiction Writer's Journal) 05/10/2010
Songwriter's Song Ideas (The Songwriter's Companion) 06/01/2010
Short Story Contest for Romance Writers Monthly
Poetry Contest for Romance Writers Monthly
Romance Writers Inspirational Blurbs mid-2010
Romance Writers "Romantic Openings" mid-2010

We are also accepting submissions for the horror genre under our Dark Moon Books Imprint.



Check here for our current contests for fiction writers!

Let The Muse Flow!



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The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck

Stan Swanson

The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck by Stan Swanson

If you are a pre-teen or have one in your family who enjoys fantasy tales, pick up this book. It's funny and packed with just enough action to trigger the reading bug in any youngster. -- K. Fontenot


The Songwriter's Journal

Stan Swanson

The Songwriter's Journal by Stan Swanson

I just wrote my first week's song, and I'm having a hard time keeping myself from reading ahead to next week. In fact, if I didn't have other things to do, I could just cuddle up with this book for the winter and write one song after another. -- S. Lick


Inspiration For


Stan Swanson

Inspiration For Songwriters by Stan Swanson

This book is packed with innovative jet fuel that will set your mind soaring into the creative stratosphere. There are hundreds of imaginative ideas here to unlock the imagination. -- Bob Lind




Stony Meadow Publishing is only interested in mainstream commercial novels of 80,000-200,000 words. Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Crime, Science Fiction and Fantasy are our main interests.

We are also very partial to middle grade and young adult fiction.

No nonfiction please. (For horror, visit our Dark Moon Books imprint site.)

Please only send us the first 3 chapters as an attachment to your e-mail. In the body of your e-mail please include a detailed synopsis of each chapter (or scene) and a brief (150 words or less) biography at the end of your email. Do not send multiple submissions. In addition, we don't always have time to respond personally to each submission -- we do when we can, but don't expect a response. If we are interested in publishing your submission, we will contact you within 3 to 6 months of submission.

Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are acceptable, but you must make us aware of this in your e-mail and keep us apprised of your story's situation.


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